Three percussionists

The defining characteristic of Suspendu / Mécanique is an unfolding process upon itself, through the succession of musical episodes in each one of the exposed characters.

This piece presents a duality between slow and textured passages, where the notion of pulse is blurred to give space to more continuous and intricate gestures, and fast and rhythmical passages exposing percussive sections which are of a more simple, trivial, or even vulgar character. The founding idea here is to link both worlds using only a single motive, in an almost ritualistic feel.

This double idea generated a development in fragments embedded in a wider ternary structure used as an architectural landmark.

Violin, Cello, Piano

One four-notes motive is developed throughout the piece and expands over a counterpoint based on aleatoric patterns. The second half of the trio is mainly based on almost ad libidum sections that create a feel of improvisation in a meditative and thoughtful atmosphere.

Clarinet, Cello, Piano.

A musical painting of the scenery we can witness every day, from the ‘blue hour’ to the ‘golden hour’.