Dernier écho du chant éclatant d'un vent de minuit

2’30” – – timp. –

Written for the Residentie Orkest Den Haag as part as their One Minute Symphony series.


Premiered by the Residentie Orkest on April 22nd, 2022 – Amare, Den Haag.



This piece has been writen for the Residentie Orkest for the ‘One Minute Symphony’ project in 2022. It was inspired by an interview with author Nisrine Mbarki, met especially during the creative stages of the piece.


During our conversation, the literary nature of our topic led us to discuss about the more general notion of decision making in creating a narrative, and I got fascinated by the choices authors need to make, particularly in thinking about the stories that they decide not to tell. Those untold stories become the echoes of potentialities to be discovered, evoke past events, or events that could be yet to come, but that will never really be developped in the present course of events, not be told in the current story.


This ‘Last Echo of the Shimmering Song of a Mignight Wind’ (Dernier Écho du chant éclatant d’un vent de minuit) has been composed thinking about all those ideas, details, themes and narrative arcs that are untold, hidden behind every choice of harmony, motive, rest…