Suspendu / Mécanique

(Cérémonie pour trois percussionnistes)

Percussion trio


Suspendu / Mécanique exhibits a duality between slow and textured passages, where the notion of pulse is blurred to give space to more continuous and intricate gestures, and fast and rhythmical passages exposing percussive sections which are of a more simple, or even trivial character. The founding idea here is to link both worlds using only a single motive evolving in a ceremonial way.

This double idea generated a development in fragments embedded in a wider ternary structure used as an architectural landmark.



Player I

-Crotales : d5, e5, f#5, g#5, a#5, c6
-4 planks of wood
-4 Taïkos (small, medium, large, very large)


Player II

-Crotales : c#5, d#5, f5, g5, a5, b5
-4 planks of wood
-4 Taïkos (small, medium, large, very large)
-Big drum (shared with Player III)


Player III

-Thaï gongs (laying on foam): a, b, c, c#, d, d#, e, f, g, a#
-Marimba (5 octaves)
-Big drum (shared with Player II)