cl, tp, vn, clo, pno

Premiered by the New European Ensemble on April 8th, Spring Festival Den Haag)

From the meanders of the mind, a memory escapes.
Blurry at first, it cristalizes, becoming clearer and clearer,
as the other thoughts dissolve slowly.
As the escape frees itself, it intensifies, becomes concrete.
And, radiating calmness, the memory rises up again.

The gentle spring morning,
the pure air,
the sinuous path,
the voiceless purr of the wind…

…from afar, the bells ring…

Violin, Cello, Piano and Mezzo-Soprano

Three arrangements of songs by Armenian composer Komitas.
1) Al aylughs
2) Keler-tsoler
3) Hoy nazan

fl, alt.sax, bn – Pno – 2vn, vla, clo, cb.

Quatre Explorations is a piece in four small movements which uses the same musical ‘nucleus’ in various ways.