Percussion trio, string quartet, tape and video projection.


Music & Video : Charles Baumstark
Performers: XTRO & Pelargos Quartet


Premiere: 23 September 2023, SeptemberMe Festival



Recent years have witnessed a radical change in our society’s view on communication technologies and in the appreciation individuals have of them. This evolution from excitement to rejection has gradually happened alongside the awareness of our impact on the environment and nature, resulting in an always growing tendency to physically isolate ourselves from each other, and from society.

If we urgently need to disconnect from the superfluous, we also need to be aware of our place in our contemporary world, and reconnect with it in a balanced way. The intention of this work is not to answer the question of wether we should stop using technology, or cut ourselves from a connected (or even hyper connected) society, but rather to engage each and everyone of us into a reflection about our own, responsible, use of them. However, if that answer is individual and should be the result of an inner questioning, it is only through communicating with each other that it can be found.
Far from a simple ‘critic’ of our consumption of communication technologies, this work is rather an invitation to find and appreciate our own balance in our exposure to, and use of those technologies, as well as to acknowledge the beauty they sometimes generate.

[Dis/re]-connecting calls us to disconnect, reflect, and reconnect with our inner selves and with our contemporary technological environment in a balanced way.



[Dis/re]-connecting tells the story of a character (The Woman) who enters an isolation period after being overwhelmed by her communication device. Peaceful at first, this isolation time turns sour when she realizes that communication is key in our world.


The video projected on screen accompanies the performance as a tableau animé that always portrays the character’s thoughts, from peaceful contemplations to violent cognitive dissonances. It depicts the constant duality between her will of isolation and communication. Those tableaux gradually unfold and transform in an abstract composition that leaves on purpose to the audience the opportunity to find the key for the entire work’s interpretation.



1. Introduction
2. [Dis]-connecting
3. /.iso[lation]
4. /.iso[chronism]
5. Rotating logs – /.iso[cracy]
6. /.OS[mosis]
7. [re]-connecting

Photo © 2023 Nichon Glerum
Photo © 2023 Nichon Glerum