“Dear Reader,

You haven’t stumbled across these Tales by chance.
The stories that are told here will have you encounter characters from different places, different times. If you get to know them well, they might have interesting thoughts to share with you. Pay attention to what they have to say.
You may also find, throughout your journey, elements of your own self, distorted, emphasised, diffracted, condensed…
As we don’t quite know the sources of these Tales, nor fully understand the role of the ‘Astral Tree’ as yet, you may sometimes lose yourself in this multifaceted world… But fear not, dear Reader, the events told here will eventually come together.

I will be your guide.


I: Aya

Takamatsu, May 22nd 2053 ; early morning.
The sun has not risen yet, but the blue lights of a new day find their way into Aya’s bedroom. She is still asleep…
When the city awakes, she likes to enjoy a morning coffee, looking through the café’s window at the people getting busy around the train station. Observing them, going somewhere, living their life, she can’t help herself but thinking about what ‘he’ is doing right now.

May 23rd ; morning.
At the library where she works, she likes to sometimes take a break and write down her thoughts, her stories, her fantasies. If only life could be as simple as the stories she writes to herself!
When lunch time comes, she always goes to the gardens, taking a few moments to breathe in the nature scents, admiring the flowers, the trees, the birds flying around. This is a late spring day, and nature looks spectacular.
On her way home, Aya often stops at her local disc shop, where she can discover new bands and artists. She always finds herself drawn into curiosities, coming from other eras.
At home, she puts on the recording, and discovers new musical worlds while imagining going on adventures in distant places.

May 24th ; a warm afternoon.
The busy crowd flows all around her, and going from one place to the next, enjoying the views, the shops, the restaurants, Aya experiences the city life at its best.
It is always after such a busy day, when she goes home for the night, that she thinks the most about him… why is he not right here with her? if only he could come back…soon…

May 25th ; evening.
Now the sun is setting, and the golden lights announce a festive evening that she will be spending at the fair, all dressed for the occasion.
And as the evening arrives, the unexpected happens.